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Ethyl acetate, often used as ethyl ethanoate, is a chemical that plays an essential role in the production and is utilized there quite often. It is possible to utilize it in place of aromatic solvents like toluene, where it plays an essential part as a solvent in adhesives, paints, or coatings and is also capable of performing that duty. The reaction between acetic acid and ethanol results in the ester known as ethyl acetate. It is a colorless liquid with a distinctively sweet scent and is used in various products, including glues, nail paint removers, cigarettes, and products that decaffeinate tea and coffee. The Fischer esterification process, in which ethanol and acetic acid are used as reactants, is the primary route used in the industrial synthesis of ethyl acetate.


Ethyl acetate is a colorless and odorless liquid that has a clear appearance and smells delicious. The flashpoint is 24 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a lower density than water does. vapors that have a greater density than air The molar mass of this odorless liquid is 88.1 g.mol-1, which is a liquid state. It smells fruity and ether-like at the same time.

Appearance Clear liquid
Ester content as Ethyl Acetate 99.90% min. by wt.
Water 500 ppm max.
Colour 10 APHA max.
Acidity as Acetic Acid 100 ppm max
CAS No. 141-78-6
U.N. No. 1173
Specific Gravity 0.890-0.903 at 20°C
Residue on Evaporation 20mg / 100ml. max
Ethyl Alcohol Content 750 ppm max.
Boiling Point IBP – 76°C
FBP – 78.5°C


Solvent in Printing inks Paints and Coatings
Laminates Flexible Packaging
Aluminium Foil Pesticides
Flavour in Pharmaceuticals Nitrocellulose
Varnishes Synthetic Fruit Essence
Perfumes Photographic Films and Plates

Packaging and Supply

HM-HDPE Drums (210 Kgs)


  • 1. It finds widespread application in the printing and packaging industries.

  • 2. It has applications in the Inks Industry.

  • 3. It has applications in the adhesives industry.

  • 4. It has applications in the Pharmaceuticals Sector.

  • 5. It has applications in the industries that produce paints and thinners.

  • 6. It has applications in the agrochemical and pesticide industries.

  • 7. It finds widespread application in the Cosmetics Industry

  • 8. Ethyl Acetate Suppliers in India use it to make fake silk and leather, fragrances, and photographic films and plates.


    • 1. The odour of ethyl acetate is reminiscent of fruit.

    • 2. Ethyl acetate is a solvent that evaporates very quickly.

    • 3. Paint formulations may benefit from the activator or hardener that ethyl acetate provides.

    • 4. At standard temperature, ethyl acetate has a solubility in water of up to 8% and may dissolve up to 3% of water by itself.

    • 5. As a solvent, ethyl acetate is used in the production of varnishes, lacquers, enamels, and the process of dry cleaning.

    • 6. It effectively removes stains, fats, nitrocellulose, nail polish, nail polish remover, base coats, and nail polish in products used for grooming.

    • 7. There are further uses for ethyl acetate in the pharmaceutical, perfume, and food industries and flexographic printing inks based on solvents.


      Keep in a cold, dry, and well-ventilated place that is separate from other areas and has been authorized. Hold the lid on the container firmly until it is time to use it, and then remove it. Steer clear of all potential ignition sources. Stay away from sources of heat. Always maintain a safe distance from any source of ignition. Every piece of equipment that contains material should be grounded.

      Do not consume. Do not breathe any gas, fumes, mist, or spray that may be present. This product must never have any water added to it. If there is inadequate ventilation, appropriate breathing equipment should be used. If consumed, seek emergency medical attention and provide either the container or the label.

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